Roland Martin

Roland Martin talks with Attorney Arnold Reed about the latest in the Kwame Kilpatrick trial.

Roland Martin talks with Mary Mitchell about Debbie Halvorson, the NRA supported Democrat along with 16 other people who are fighting for Jesse Jackson Jr.’s…

I missed the first one.  When Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as our first African-American president with an agenda that I believed passionately in,…

Roland Martin featured celebrity fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to address the recent study that indicates “black girls don’t benefit from exercise compared to their white counterparts”. Jenkins doesn’t agree and says that their are quite a few factors that the researchers didn’t take into account such as puberty, estrogen […]

TV Analyst & Journalist Roland S. Martin stopped by our sister station to give us his Cookout Rules for this Memorial Day weekend! Check them out below and HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON ABOVE! 1. “If you’re child support payments are not up to date, you are not invited to the cookout.” 2. “If you are having […]

Commentator Roland Martin of the TJMS has an exclusive interview with WNBA player Chamique Holdsclaw who abruptly retired from the WNBA due to major depression and even comtemplating suicide…She now has a new book entitled, ‘Breaking Through: Beating The Odds Shot After Shot.’…Take a listen to the interview, it’s really deep what she had to say.

According to, “former CNN pundit”, Martin shared on a segment of his “Perspectives” his apology. “’This week in Los Angeles, I sat down with Herndon Graddick,’ senior director of programs and communications at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.’”  Read More: CNN announced Wednesday that Roland Martin will be suspended. The move comes days after the pundit’s tweets on Super Bowl Sunday caused a very public backlash. The network released the following statement concerning this matter: READ THEIR STATEMENT HERE

Check out this video that shows a study at Yale proves black students are treated unfairly in the Classroom.

Roland Martin and Washington Watch traveled to the Potter’s House to discuss the importance of fathers in the African-American community. In this segment of the show Roland talks with a panel of guests who debate if a woman can teach a boy how to be a man. Visit our sister station to watch this […]