surviving r. kelly

The sage of Surviving R. Kelly is not over as Lifetime has announced a second installment of the docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning is hitting airwaves in January. Watch the trailer below. The first half of the two-night, four-hour docuseries will air on January 3rd and the second half will air on […]

Viewers of the six part documentary Surviving R. Kelly will recall the story of Dominique Gardner and her mother, Michelle Kramer. Gardner was one of R. Kelly‘s girlfriends and Kramer rescued her from a Los Angeles-area hotel in the documentary. Later, the doc revealed that Gardner had temporarily gone back to be with Kelly before […]

  The Lifetime Movie Network premiered ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ and social media went crazy.  The three-part series was shocking and sickening to many despite all the past allegations, all the rumors and all of the legal troubles. The two-hour premiere revealed many things about Robert Kelly.  Here are the top 15 things revealed in the […]