Sybil Wilkes discusses today’s news headlines including the latest in the shooting at an Atlanta Middle School.

This morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show President Barack Obama called in and spoke to Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes about the debate, the importance of voting, his focus on the African American Community, and his thoughts on winning this tight election. TOM JOYNER: I only have two questions for you.  One, what happened […]

Hi. My name is Sybil. I work, rarely take a sick day, pay  my mortgage and other bills on time, tithe, volunteer, vote in most elections, check in with my relatives from time to time, floss daily, remember most birthdays – but apparently, what I don’t do is blog enough.

[AUDIO]…Luckily this 62 year old man only had to deal with an ‘attempt’ that his wife tried to cut off his umm, well, PACKAGE….If that’s not enough, Tom and J. feels the man’s pain but Sybil?….Nope…As always, a man’s pain is funny to her.   

Thanks to Tom and “The Tom Joyner Morning Show,” I have been blessed to travel the world, meet several U.S. presidents, an African president and a king –  and see the best that this world, especially this country, has to offer. Now, the flip side of that is visiting New York City’s Ground Zero one […]

For days, I have been thinking about the march in Washington D.C. to “reclaim the dream.”  I wanted to hear what others in attendance thought, not to take their thoughts as my own, but to let the whole experience wash over me before talking or writing about it. Our 24/7, say-it-fast, say-it-first news cycles don’t […]

The Tom Joyner Morning Show’s” Sybil Wilkes is being featured on an e-card sponsored by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Circle of Promise and Essence magazine in an effort to encourage African-American women to focus on the effort to end breast cancer.

08/27/14 –  Sybil Wilkes discusses the morning’s news headlines including the American killed fighting for ISIS, the loss of power in Detroit and the Little…