From Black and Married with Kids, Grocery stores are the masters of shopping psychology. Unfortunately for us, they use this knowledge to get us to spend more than we need to.  The more we understand their tricks and traps, the more money we’re able to keep in our pockets. Click here for the full story. […]

We’d never advise people against exercising, but here are a few tips (that don’t require much effort) that will have you feeling healthier in no time! Take two items out of your handbag. Experts say women often carry too much in their purse. Plop your bag on a scale; lugging more than 10 percent of […]

 Yes, it’s hard to quit smoking, and there’s no magic pill to make it happen. But there are a few simple tools and tricks that can help smokers overcome cravings and move beyond them without reaching for a cigarette. Here are six of the best: How to Get Someone to Quit Smoking Without Hating […]

Models are the canvases upon which top makeup artists create their best work, and unleash all of their fiercest beauty secrets.