Letting your toes breathe in a pair of flip-flops is a nice feeling, but wearing the footwear can really leave you with problems. According to The Daily Mail, Podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon Dr. Christina Long tells the Daily Mail that wearing flip-flops can alter your natural stride, leaving you with shin splints, Achilles […]

  Wendy Williams has slammed for comments he made about women wearing fake hair and getting plastic surgery. Wendy said on her show, “Tyrese, we’ve known each other for a long time, but can I be honest with you? You know I always am. You haven’t been the same since you wrote that book lecturing women […]


A proposed bill in Oklahoma could make wearing a hoodie illegal.  It may sound ridiculous but stranger laws have passed.  Oklahoma residents are rightfully concerned as we all should be, because if passed this type of law would soon move on to other States.  Click here for More.