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It’s summer time and with that comes the young folks out and about doing their thing. I’m all for having fun and enjoying your summer  but what I’m not for is anyone participating in any behavior that devalues them or their growth. Not to mention could lead to violence.  Here are a few habits that I noticed that young people engage in and it intensifies when the summer time hits.These is a short list. Please feel free to add on and spread the advice. If you see young people engaging in this, feel free to tap them on the shoulder. Especially if the young ones are your kids.

Having your young child dressed like a thug

I hate to see toddlers and young boys walking around in the summer time with their pants sagging and no shirt on. Now, having your pants sag is a style that transcends cultures and age groups so I can let that one slide. But make your little boys put a shirt on.  I do not care how hot it is. There is no need for a 5 or 6 year old to be shirtless in front of his house. At this point you probably choose his clothing. He does not need to mimic the older boys in this fashion.  The truth is many of the older boys who do dress in this way are not the best role models to mimic.

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Little Kids Should Be In The House

At a certain time of night, there is no need for your child to be outside hanging with you and your homies/girls. This type of erratic schedule is what limits children and prevents them from being able to maintain a regular schedule when they are older. Or prevents them from assimilating into a responsible member of society. They are unable to adjust to going to bed at a certain time and waking up in time to start their day because you never showed them how.

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The Corner

Get your teenagers away from the corners of streets late at night. I repeat please forbid your kids from hanging on the end of the block at all hours of the night. Why? This is the time and place where foolishness jumps off. Sometimes that foolishness leads to fighting or even gun violence. I lived on the corner of my block when I lived in Chicago and as soon as the summer time hit naturally people came out to enjoy the weather. With that warm weather came teenagers and young adults hanging on the corner, playing loud music from their cars, arguing, drinking, doing drugs etc… It would not be such an issue if they were not out so late into the night, keeping their neighbors up. Also, if they knew how to have a good time without becoming violent or hostile and some people do. Then there are those who like to let loose as soon as the moon comes out so does the foolishness.

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