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A new season of TV One’s hit series Unsung premiered Monday night with the focus on legendary soul musician, the late, great Teddy Pendergrass.

Pendergrass, who passed away on January 14 of this year, will always be know for his soulful renderings of the classics “Turn Off The Lights,” “Love T.K.O.” and the hit that has been recently remade by John Legend and The Roots, “Wake Up Everybody,” among others.

In a very insightful interview, EURweb’s Lee Bailey spoke with Pendergrass’ widow, Joan, about the shows’ premiere, her time with Teddy, the ending of his life and the beginning of his legacy. Simply scroll down to HEAR the full interview with Mrs. Pendergrass.

Bailey and Mrs. Pendergrass touch on a number of subjects such as …

His legacy: “Just the thought of everyone being so concerned with keeping my husband’s legacy alive, and keeping him in everybody’s mind is just wonderful,” Joan Pendergrass said.

What she learned from viewing Unsung: She did not know about his relationship with Harold Melvin and Melvin’s musically torn relationship with Teddy and the rest of the group.

Their relatively short relationship, and religion: She hopes to see the 4-year relationship between them come out in the upcoming play and movie. “I first spoke to Teddy on Easter Sunday, the weekend of his family member’s passing, and Easter Sunday, two years later, we got married,” she said.

“He was always a spiritual man, and after meeting me he said ‘God took a rib out of me and put it into my own lap when I found you,” she said.

How he dealt with his illness and his last days: “I never met someone who had such a will to live, and who appreciates every breath he took, and lived life to the fullest,” she said. “Even in a wheelchair, my husband never complained. When he couldn’t speak, he would just mumble ‘we’re gonna beat this, we’re gonna beat this.”

According to Pendergrass, while Teddy was sick he didn’t feel sorry for himself. “He just took everything in. He was the kind that if you talk about him to me and he was around, he would give you the worst look like ‘excuse me, I can speak for myself’ He was always a brave person who never backed down for anything.”

His last days were joyous instead of the typical type of feeling orchestrated during a time before death. In fact, Teddy managed to make decisions about projects dealing with him. “He was very happy that he was going because he was ready to meet the Lord,” she said. “He knew he was going and accepted it. He was a part of everything now, he saw the upcoming play before he passed and was a part of the upcoming movie as well.”

Joan Pendergrass

Listen as Lee Bailey from speaks with the legendary singer’s widow, Joan Pendergrass:

Here’s a the trailer for the Teddy Pendergrass “Unsung” episode: