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A 50-year-old Houston woman is facing a charge of intoxication manslaughter after she drove her SUV into a bus stop Wednesday, killing a father and injuring his baby, police said.

Police said Brenda Gail Johnson was intoxicated, possibly on prescription medications, when she plowed into a bus stop on West Little York around 9 a.m. and killed 31-year-old Theodore Jones.

Jones was at the stop with his pregnant wife and 7-month-old son, Seth, headed to a doctor’s appointment.

Jones’ wife Megan says he pushed Seth’s baby carriage out of the way of the oncoming vehicle.

“I basically see the whole thing over and over, so I remember the whole thing,” said Jones. “I saw the car coming and I told him to move our child out of the way so he was in the process of moving my child away.”

The SUV hit Jones and clipped the stroller. Jones was pronounced dead at the scene. His son was taken to the hospital in stable condition with a broken arm.

“My husband is just that great. He would put his life above others,” she said. “At first I was hysterical, but right now I keep my mind on the Lord. He’s keeping me.”

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