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Tons of celebrity news outlets and gossip sites have shown confirmed reports of Superstar singer and actress Mariah Carey and her famed husband Nick Cannon are having a baby.  Various reports have surfaced about  this rumor for many months regarding whether or not she was “with child.”  Now we finally have a confirmation!  Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush was the first to air this blessed news.  Congratulations to the Cannons.

One of the interesting comments by the songbird was she was superstitious and would speak about it when the timing is right.  Speculation about whether Mariah was superstitious about being pregnant over 40 splashed on gossip sites and individuals who wanted to know why she kept this a secret for so long.  However, whether she tells us or not, isn’t it her and Nick’s business? Mariah is 41 years old.  She joins the list of female celebrities such as Halle Berry, Iman, Nicole Kidman, Geena Davis and other celebrities who had babies in their 40’s .

Is she too old?  Is this none of our business?

Fox News’ Health Dr. Manny Alvarez discusses the subject of When Is Too Old To Have A Baby with health care professional, Dr. Abdul Alcon.  Check out the thought-provoking discussion.

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