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So another Friday!  Well, I guess you know that huh?  It’s your Friday too!  But, my Friday’s are superb.  They are wonderful and wholesome.  They don’t involve work.  And, not involving work is a wonderful way to start the weekend.  Laying down my work and relaxing with my family gives me a joy and peace that encompasses my whole being.  It is pure bliss.

And, guess what?  That pure bliss is what God wants you to have.  He wants you to enjoy life to its fullest.  In James, He says “Count it pure joy…”  In Deuteronomy, He says “Be joyful…”   In Thessalonians, He says “Be joyful always.”

But, many people take enjoying life to its fullest the wrong way.  They believe that everything thing they want should be everything they get.  If they want to go on a cruise to Tahiti, they are so there.  If they want the house in Beverly Hills and one in Tuscany, they are so going to buy it.  And, if they want to see their favorite sports team, concert, or participate in the church choir, they will do it no matter what.

These things are wonderful and special.  They mean the world to many people.  Unfortunately, these things are of the world.  God never tells us that what we want, we should make sure we get it.  He never tells us to go after worldly goods.  It is completely the enemy who wants us to ignore God’s precepts and go for just us.

Look at what happened between the enemy and Jesus in Matthew 4:8-11,

“Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor.  “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”  Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’”  Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

The enemy wanted Jesus to choose the world and all its glory.  For us that would mean several mansions, yachts, money, fame, fortune, and all that goes with it.  But, Jesus knew something that we ignore.  Choosing all of that is a form of materialism.  And, materialism will bind us to the enemy and move us away from God.

And, even more profound is the fact that materialism is a form of adultery.  See in God’s eyes adultery is anything that moves us away from His plan and purpose for our marriage.  And, worshipping things, even though they look good, feel good, and sound and taste good is an abomination unto God.  Worshipping because you have place the love you should have for God and your spouse in the things you want and get.

We don’t see this because we see everyone beside us making it.  We see our girlfriends with their Gucci or Coach.  And, we think we work as hard as they do, maybe even harder and I deserve it more than them.  So, I will go and get it.  But, all of that buying and spending could be putting a wedge in your relationship.

That buying and spending takes cash.  And, cash doesn’t grow on trees, as my momma would say.  So guess what, someone has to work to receive that cash.  And, if you are independently wealthy, someone had to work to get you there maybe just not you.  And, when people are working to get the cash to get that new thing, they tend to flood their lives with work.  Then, what happens to the person in their lives that God has placed to walk this journey with them.  They get pushed aside because one more dolla’ must be made.

That leads us into another form of adultery which surrounds our careers.  When we are working all of the time and not spending time with our spouse, we are committing adultery.  When we are more concerned with the next rung on the corporate ladder instead of how our spouse is feeling and accomplishing, we are committing adultery.  When our work see and spends more time with us than our spouse, we are committing adultery.

Does this mean that I can’t have the things I want?  Or, that I can’t work on that project that will keep me late at the office?  No, but when that is taking up all of your time, speech, and thinking…then guess what?  Yep, you got it.  You are committing adultery in God’s eyes.  See, God has promised us a person who will walk this path with us throughout our lives.  And, the only way to ensure that we walk this path for a very long time is to spend time with one another.  We should not be doing things that will draw us apart.

If you were told by God that your spouse had 5 minutes to live and He would deliver you to them to spend those minutes together right now?  Would you go?  Yes, you would even if you were in very intense fellowship.  That’s our spouse and there are tender things we want to share with them before they go.  Then why not say yes to spending time with them now?  God never promises us another minute.  Tomorrow may never come.  Enjoy your spouse now the way God planned it for you.  Stop committing adultery.

Well, of course, I am now reminded of what I need to do.   And, now I need to go and spend some time with my spouse.  I need to stop committing adultery by spending these moments with you instead of my marvelous husband.  So, here I go now crawling under him so he knows I love him.  And, now he’s holding me tight.  So, as always, all I can say to that is “THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!”

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