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As expected, there are still a variety of very scathing rumors orbiting around the latest on the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child story and his subsequent split with his wife, Maria Shriver of the last 25 years. The Hollywood power couple shocked the world nearly two weeks ago with the news that they were calling it quits then just days later Schwarzenegger’s once squeaky clean past was exposed with even more shocking news that he’d fathered a child now in his teens over a decade ago outside of his marriage with a woman employed by he and his wife.

Now isn’t that a mouthful? Well, the has not ended there. Now that we know who the mother of Schwarzenegger’s love child is, there’s question of who spilled the beans and why now? Turn your attention to his ex-wife, Maria. Is she the victim of the highly publicized scandal or the culprit behind it all? What reason would she have to unleash such a dramatic fallout for all the world to see?

That question was addressed this morning on The View and as the ladies clearly each have their own opinions about it, we can’t help but wonder is there really some truth to it all even in the middle of the drama. Watch below and decide for yourself.

For more on the evolving story, check out the links provided. We told you this one would get messy.

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