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We’re not sure if you remember the group City High, but the trio rose to fame in 2001 with their hit single, “What Would You Do?”

Comprised of singers Ryan Toby (of “Sister Act 2” fame), Claudette Ortiz (who he later married), and lastly, Robbie Pardlo, the group managed to have their debut album (and only album) reach double-platinum status and garner a Grammy Award nomination.

Now, however, it seems things have turned for the worst for member Ronnie. He’s being featured on A&E’s Emmy Award-winning reality series “Intervention.” The show follows drug and alcohol addicts, who believe they are participating in a documentary and have agreed to do so, but are really about to face a surprise intervention conducted by their family, friends, and counselors.

Pardlo is a father and alcoholic.

Watch the heartbreaking preview here.

Hollywood sure does chew them up and spit them out.

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“What Would You Do?” U.S. Pop #8 and R&B #13 hit.

“Caramel” U.S. Pop #18 and R&B #9 hit.