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Mariah Carey says she did not intentionally cross a picket line while dining out with her husband Nick Cannon in New York over the weekend, insisting she has “nothing but respect for those in the struggle.”

The couple walked past striking restaurant workers on Sunday to eat at the Central Park Boathouse in Manhattan, drawing jeers and boos from the crowd, who shouted “Shame on you!” at the pair.

Carey is now trying to explain herself via Twitter.

“Ok – obviously we didn’t purposely dine at a restaurant w/a (with a) picket line… And clearly the issues the picketers are dealing with are issues we would never try to overlook,” she tweeted. “So when you see a ‘video’ of me walking thru a bunch of picketers as they say ‘Shhhhaaame on yoooou’ please understand – we respect… All people and have nothing but respect for those in the struggle.”