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Last night was the final round of Toccara’s quest for love. The episode began with Toccara and Jason on their final date. They took a bike ride around the Caribbean and then hopped on a yacht for some little alone time. After Toccara changed into her sexy swimsuit and Jason took off his shirt (God is good, Amen), they headed to part two of their date. Toccara started getting goosebumps just from being in Jason’s presence. Jason looks like a winner doesn’t he?

Well, let’s not forget about contestant number two: Frank. Toccara and Frank had a candlelight dinner at their private villa and then hopped in the jacuzzi to get a little alone time. Frank explained why he was so attracted to Toccara, “I’m a black guy, I like butt, and Toccara has butt and breast. It doesn’t get any better than that.” Hm…

After they got a little intimate in the jacuzzi, Frank decided it was time to “unleash the dragon” and do a little skinny dipping. When Toccara saw what Frank was working with, she said “I knew Frank was packing, but I didn’t know he had the full package, OKAY?! Go Frank!” (sends high five to Toccara through TV Screen). If that wasn’t sexy enough, the two headed to the shower after skinny dipping to clean off. Whew…. hide ya kids.

After these two intimate dates, it was time for elimination. Frank and Jason had their final plea for Toccara’s heart with the odds originally in Frank’s favor. With a drastic turn of events, Toccara follows her heart and her attraction towards Jason and chooses Jason to be her ultimate merger!

That was an intense season wasn’t it? Can’t wait until the reunion special to see how the guys feel about Toccara’s decision to choose Jason. Keep u with me on Twitter! @xoxoSHAR

Check the full episode here!

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