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The recent death of Florida A&M band-member, Robert Champion, has once again put the spotlight on the issue of hazing on college campuses.

College students seeking membership into fraternities, sororities — or in Champion’s case, competitive bands — many times endure physical and mental hazing rituals that are extremely dangerous to their health. The physical attacks, rigorous workouts, and dangerous tests often hospitalize students, or worse– kill them.

Here is a list of the most gruesome and dangerous hazing rituals that have been reported:

1. Paddling

Paddling is one of the oldest traditions in Greek organizations, and was adopted by many Black Greek organizations. Although receiving a swift whack to the backside with a wooden paddle may seem harmless, it is possibly the most dangerous ritual. Paddling can cause blood-clots,  kidney damage, blood in urine, Rhabdomyolysis, and death in many cases when symptoms go unnoticed.

2. Pouring Boiling Hot Water On Pledges

Frat brothers at Tulane University got into hot water after they poured boiling hot liquids on their pledges.  The young men boiled water containing pepper spray and a “crab boil” seasoning mixture containing cayenne pepper to pour over their victim’s backs. One of the pledges suffered second- and third-degree burns to his back, chest, buttocks and genitals.

3. Sodomy By Sharpie, Random Objects

Seven Methodist College football players were arrested in 2002 on hazing charges for restraining a freshman player, and physically assaulting him. Players stripped Antonio Wilkerson down to his underwear, smacked him numerous times, then sodomized him with a Sharpie marker.

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