Nintendo’s Wii U is a next-generation gaming console that comes with a large touchscreen controller — which changes how the games are played. CNNMoney got its hands on the highly anticipated device.

The demo took place at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. At first glance, the Wii U console looks almost exactly like the original Wii.

The difference lies in the special 9-inch-long controller, which gives the bearer — let’s call ’em the Wii God — a bit of special power. This player can see things on the 6.2-inch touchscreen that their fellow gamers, equipped with regular controllers, see on the linked-up TV.

For example: In the “Chase Mii” demo game that CNNMoney tried, two to four players with regular controllers try to catch the player with the touchscreen.

The regular players simply see their avatars running around on the TV, while the Wii God sees an overhead map on the touchscreen, which shows where everyone else is running.


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