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Grammy Award nominated singer/songwriter Karyn White took time out to tell everyone what being a mom has meant to her.

Here is what she says:

Being a Mother is an amazing gift from the Almighty God, to be a chosen Woman to conceive, bear and to carry life; it’s a magnificent blessing. To feel this Blessing moving inside of your womb, the eternal development of the little head bouncing back and forth, the arms moving ever so gently across the mother’s stomach, and legs kicking in excitement — it is a Blessing!
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Being a Mother is not a chosen responsibility, but a awesome responsibility and much more.
Being a Mother is the acceptance of your child no matter what!
Being a Mother is to provide Love and guidance of your child unconditionally.

 Being a Mother is to be an educator, a motivator and to stimulate your child for the growth and in that growth clearly defining the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and why’s of life.
Being a Mother is not just being a Mother in name sake but a care taker, a protector, a keeper, of the magnificent gift– your child from God.
Being a Mother is knowing when to be a Mom,when to be a disciplinarian, when to be a friend and not try to be a superior woman, just to be a woman of sensitivity, compassion and to be understanding to all mankind, but especially to the gift that was conceived in God’s creation.
Being a Mother is learning to share your child with the world’s obstacles, its challenges – just being a Mother.
In my child’s eyes, I am to believe that I am the Super Woman!
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