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Meagan Good‘s fiance DeVon Franklin recently interviewed with Oprah on her latest series, “Super Soul Sunday.” Oprah wanted to create a series that dropped light into our consciousness. According to Oprah’s blog, this series will be a place where open minded “seekers” can gather to explore the multiple palettes of Spirituality.

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Oprah’s first interview with DeVon Franklin–the Hollywood exec and preacher–became a spark that pushed Oprah to do “Super Soul Sunday.” Here’s what she had to say about Meagan Good’s boo:

“I met a young man a couple of months ago who’s faith was so strong and Light was so bright, that after less than 7 minutes with him I said we need to do a show together. An unlikely candidate to be a spiritual thought leader, (he’s a Hollywood executive) I was so moved by his passion and commitment to faith while functioning in the lion’s den of entertainment I could hardly wait to do a SUPER SOUL SUNDAY and share his insights, clarity and wisdom with you. He’s in the business of developing movies and talent, but as you will see, is a bona fide dynamo himself… a different kind of spiritual teacher for our times.”

Check out the snippet of DeVon Franklin On Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” Below!

For Oprah to be so moved by one individual just proves that this man is a class act. Lucky Meagan Good. It’s difficult enough navigating through this world with all types of temptation around, but to do so within Hollywood is a feat that should be applauded. I’m very happy for DeVon and Meagan’s oncoming union and it gives me and other women out there hope that there are some amazing men out there that focus more on spirituality than the fickle facets of the industry.

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