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A Harris County Judge makes a surprising move based on a hearing in her court. Judge Denise Collins was presiding over a probation revocation case when evidence presented by an attorney prompted her to take drastic action.

According to reports, a man had a positive urine test while on probation for DWI. At the hearing, his attorney presented evidence showing there were more than two dozen false positives that the County Probation Department knew were wrong but nothing was done to correct the decisions made based on those results.

The evidence reveals sloppy work such as samples that were labelled incorrectly along with clerical errors.

Judge Collins stated she would not allow any results from the agency in her court. Her new ruling will not affect cases that have already gone before her.

Judge Collins also said she would take the transcripts and copies of evidence from the hearing and sent them to the other criminal judges in Harris County. She wants them to call for the resignation of the head of the Probation Department, Paul Becker and three deputies.

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