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State Representative Borris Miles

MYHOUSTONMAJIC.com – On this past  Sunday Morning Live segment, Marcus Davis talked to State Representative Borris Miles about the current letters being distributed in Harris County asking citizens to verify whether or not they are dead or alive in an effort to remove these persons from the voter rolls.

Miles says that it is a movement across the country (not just in Texas) from the Republican party and their colleagues to shave off a percentage of votes so that the electoral vote can be in place to unseat President Barack Obama.

Listen to the full 15:40 interview below and how you can avoid your name from being removed off the rolls.

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Many of you may have received or know someone that received a letter asking that your verify that you are not deceased. Please comply with the letter’s request and sent it back promptly to ensure that you name is not purged from the voter rolls.

For more information about voting in Texas, log on to www.thisismyvote.org or call 1866MYVOTE1.

If you need assistance and/or understanding you can contact the following offices:

Election Lawyers Contact


Borris Miles Office


Remember! The last day to register to vote is October 9th.

Early voting will start October 22nd.

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