You may remember in an earlier post last year we covered the Unsung special on Full Force where we shared singer/songwriter Paul Anthony was suffering with lymphoma cancer. Well his brother Lou shared  to us all the remarkable stem cell transplant update below:

From Lou (The Bowlegged One): My lil’ Testimony.

First, Happy New Year to everyone and their family and friends. I want to thank all my family and friends for your prayers and positive thoughts regarding my beloved brother Paul Anthony. (Also earlier thanks for the prayers of support for our mother when she spent 8 days in the hospital during the Thanksgiving week. )

The bone marrow stem cell transplant between Paul & myself went well. That’s the 1st phase as we ain’t through yet. We must keep sending prayers for Paul’s brand-Lou immune system, oops did I say brand-Lou? I meant brand new. :o ) His brand new immune system must now take 9 to 12 days to set in for his blood counts to go up, then months of safe guard period to officially take shape and become whole. Prayers must continue and continue, as Paul has been such a positive & brave lion through this whole journey of his.

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Full Force’s Paul Anthony On Cancer Diagnosis