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It’s effective, easy and takes just 20 seconds.

By simply washing your hands you could prevent the transfer of germs that leads to colds, flu and pneumonia.

Children trade even more germs than adults, so this is even more important for the young ones. Click below for more:

Researcher Anna Bowen is with the Centers for Disease Control, ““Key times include when people are handling food, eating, feeding another person such as a young child, and after toileting or changing a child’s diaper – and after handling pets or pet foods.”

Keep in mind, use soap, scrub all surfaces of your hands paying special attention to your wrists, between your fingers and under fingernails, and wash for at least 20 seconds.

If soap and water are not available, you can use gel hand sanitizers or alcohol based hand wipes that have 60 percent to 90 percent ethyl alcohol or isopropanol. Rub your hands until the gel is dry, you don’t need to use water because the alcohol in the gel kills the germs on your hands but remember, the gel is not as effective as washing your hands.

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