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Did Kris Jenner abuse and neglect her children? If the alleged diary of ex-husband Robert Kardashian is true, the shocking details could affect her public image.

The diary, first reported by TMZ today, is at the center of a lawsuit which pits the Kardashian kids–Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob Jr.– against Robert, Sr.’s former wife, Ellen Pearson. The family alleges their late father left them a diary with personal details, and Pearson has allegedly been selling the information within to tabloids for cold, hard cash.

What is allegedly contained in the diary, however, is pretty juicy, TMZ reports:

Kris allegedly hit Kourtney and Kim and also threatened to kill Kim …. and Rob was locked in a car while Kris was out on a date.

Heavy stuff, if it’s true.

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