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The memorial service has ended, and soon the outpouring of grief and unwavering support for the families of Houston’s four fallen firefighters will subside. Most people will go back to their day to day lives.  But for those who loved and lost Robert Garner, Anne Sullivan, Robert Bebee, and Matthew Renaud, the pain will not soon abate.  Houston Professional Firefighter’s Association President Jeff Caynon says, for them, Houston firefighters will always be there.

“I’ve told all four of theses families, ‘you’re going to hear a lot of people say “call me if you need anything.” We absolutely mean it.  It doesn’t have to be related to fire service.  Call us, and if there’s something we can do, we’re going to help you, because you’re our family, too.’”

Caynon says healing for surviving members of the Houston Fire Department is also complicated.  He says they must heal while on the job.

“Even on that day, and ever since then, 911 calls haven’t stopped.  Firefighters have still been responding to fires, and EMS, and HAZMAT, and we’ve had arson investigators on the street, we’ve had inspectors out on the street, the folks in the dispatch center are still dispatching calls.  We have to heal while we work.  I think that says a whole lot about the character of the people who do this job.”

Caynon says if you want to help the families of Garner, Sullivan, Bebee, and Renaud, you can donate to The 100 Club.  The 100 Club is a non-profit organization that offers financial support to surviving family members of firefighters and law enforcement killed in the line of duty.

The financial support begins with a $20,000 donation for the families for immediate expenses, and then The Club will consider other needs, including things like house and car payments, and even college costs for the children of the fallen.

If you would like to donate to The 100 Club, you can do so here.

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