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Shout out to all men who have newly -this year become fathers for the first time and those who’ve been a pops for years and are and have been dedicated to serving and raising your children!

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So, the Fathers get their own day, each and every year, on June 16. Father’s Day means a great many things to a great many people. But most of us will agree that Father’s Day means the day in which you celebrate your Dad’s existence. Father’s Day is the day you bring your Dad a little gift. It’s the day we all say “Thank you for being there, Dad! Thanks for everything you did, and for just being you!” In this day and age of rampant divorce and parental abandonment, it’s more important than ever to pay our due tribute to the fathers who took the time and made the major commitment simply to Be There. There aren’t as many of such noble warriors as you might imagine.

I did a survey/questionnaire amongst fathers here in the office to find out what dad’s really want on father’s day. One reply was a Mini Cooper. I then asked well, what is a gift that if your wife/girlfriend and child wanted to get daddy something he’d like thats within the family budget what would it be?

He said really dads don’t want much of anything really. They understand that the things they want may be too costly to ask of their kid or wife, so you don’t have to worry really. The common response from the fathers in the office was that:

-I’d really like things that I could actually use. Things that won’t have a life sentence committed to the shelf.

-Something practical that suits my personality or hobbies.

-Maybe if your dad is fit and likes working out you could get a cool pair of Nikes, or if he’s a dress up kinda guy a nice cologne.

-Something that I can use and be able to say my baby girl/babyboy got me these.

                                                               -I’d just like a cold beer, a good meal and time in front of the tube.

“A day of stuff he likes, a dinner at his favorite restaurant or prepare his favorite dish, if he wants to see good a movie thats out or a fun day of golf, we take him and let him have a day of that stuff.”- Office girl shares what she does with/for her daddy!

Whether your dad is a computer, do-it-yourself-, golf, football, outdoors,academic, gourmet, or business kinda guy remember that the most important gift really is to honor him. Do right by your dad as he has done right by you, and for those whose father is not participatory in your life honor him anyway and pray for him, and if you should parent know that you don’t have to be the parent you lived without. You can choose to do better.

So go ahead and start planning that special Father’s Day he’s gonna love it, I guarantee it!

You all be blessed on this upcoming Father’s Day!