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Do you want to go back to school, get a new job, or otherwise change your career?

You can quit a job you’re tired of and change your career path! These tips are inspired by the successful Suze Orman, who encourages women to find work they love — even if it means going back to school or taking a low-paying job.

1. Think career, not short-term job. When I first started freelance writing, my husband kept talking about my “writing career.” That freaked me out at first, but then I began to think about my writing that way…as a career, not just a dream, goal, or way to pay the bills. It changed how I organize my workday, what I focus on, and what types of assignments I accept.

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2. Get comfortable with failure – and build your resilience. Successful women fail a lot – and they bounce back a lot more! Learn how to overcome failure , recover from setbacks, and focus on your long-term vision. Expect that you’ll have to struggle to achieve your goals…because good things rarely come easily.

3. Make sure all your choices take you in the right direction. Before you decide to take a class, quit a job, accept a promotion, or take on a new client, ask yourself if that choice moves you towards your long-term career goals. Avoid the inclination to dismiss your needs to make other people happy or fulfill their expectations. Surround yourself with women who are where you want to be…or who are getting where they want to go.

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