A super majority of senators passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill that would grant 11 million undocumented immigrants immediate legal status and a path to citizenship while sending $30 billion to the southern border to beef up security.

Now, unlike, Rev. Al, Rev. Bernice King, Sybil and J., I wasn’t so ready to say Paula Deen did not deserve the punishment that she got. She said and did some really mean, racist things, and probably did more than that has been documented. I’m not saying she shouldn’t be forgiven, but companies like The Food Network, Wal-Mart and Ballantine Books were right to sever their business ties with her. But the racist action Paula Deen committed as an individual doesn’t compare to institutional racism and the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal part of the Voting Rights Act just invites more of it.

So the victories for gay marriages and immigration have given lots of people reason celebrate. All things being equal, they illustrate democracy in action—the thing that makes this country great. But when you look more closely, it’s two steps forward, one step back for African Americans. The question is are we going to do something about it or we going to be victims blindsided by old tricks?

Don’t Fall For the ‘Banana in the Tailpipe’  was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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