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R&B singer Joe has opened up about his longevity in the music industry. The star is celebrating his 20th year in the music industry and is releasing his 10th album this month. He toldHuffington Post about longevity, “It’s about a grind for me. I think when I moved from Georgia when I was 17, 18-years-old and I got to New York, it was a certain hustle, certain grind up here…and I just kept grinding all throughout my career. I had some incredible high moments. I never had any incredible low moments, but I had some moments where I felt things could’ve been more swift and smoother. But the thing is, you never stop.”

He continued, “Man, it’s pretty amazing. I’d never imagine any moments in my life as time periods where it would be 10 albums 20 years in. It’s just pretty remarkable. So I feel very fortunate and very blessed, to be honest with you.”

On being independent, he said, “It may not be the same look when we were selling 500,000 units back in the 90s, it’s a little different. The hustle’s a little harder, you just got to keep grinding. And for new artists, just be good at your craft. Don’t follow the same thing. Do something that’s a little bit unique.”

On what inspired the title of his upcoming album DoubleBack: The Evolution of R&B, he said, “It’s that evolution of trying to evolve but also trying to go back at the same time. Doubling back, but I feel like to go forward at this point in R&B you have to go back just a little bit. Because the old music back then, it was sweet. It was beautiful. The Marvin Gayes, the Stevie Wonders, Michael [Jackson], Whitney [Houston], everybody. It was just beautiful music. So I want to take it back and sort of evolve it and hopefully inspire a new generation to want to do that sound of music where it’s more live and organic.

DoubleBack: The Evolution of R&B is in stores and online now.  (Pulse of Radio)

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