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"Fresh Prince" Star On Will Smith: "I'll Never Reunite With That A**hole" (thumbnail)
Is Will Smith saying peace to his own production company? That’s what some sources allege!

Did Will Smith‘s brother-in-law manage his production company so poorly they are now forced to downsize to save the venture? According to sources, there is trouble brewing at Overbrook Entertainment.

Diary of a Hollywood Street King reports following the box office bombing of “After Earth,” the company is in dire straits with Sony Pictures and others who deal with the company and has resorted to laying off staff.

The main reason for their troubles, the source says, is Caleeb Pinkett, younger brother to Will’s wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith:

Jada Pinkett’s brother Caleeb is running Overbrook Entertainment, and he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. It’s over Caleeb’s head, he’s got zero experience. The only thing Caleeb knows how to do is kiss Will Smith’s ass.

If the rumor is true, sounds like some dicey times ahead at the Smith residence…

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