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Jill Scott is not in a rush to find a man. The singer-songwriter and actress — who has been married before, told Madamenoire.com that if love happens, it happens.  She explained,

“I’m not pressed for romance or love. Love, yes. But I’m not pressed to be in a relationship with anybody. If it happens, it happens, but I’m not on a man hunt.”

“Eventually, would I like to get married? I don’t know. I did that. I’ve been there and I married my best friend so if I were going to do that again I’d have to be swept – and well.”

Jill also revealed the craziest thing she ever did for love, saying,

“Getting on a plane impromptu – literally just going to the airport, not knowing if there’s a flight or not – and getting on a flight and flying for six hours to apologize.”

Check out Jill Scott in her new movie Baggage Claim in theaters September 27th.

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