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ATTENTION: This story contains language that could be considered offensive.

Rihanna tweeted about a sex show she was at in Thailand last week and it resulted in manager of the club getting arrested.  According to The Huffington Post,

A bar owner in connection with the sex show will face charges of obscenity and operating an entertainment venue without a permit. RiRi took to Twitter to share some graphic deets of the show and said, “Either I was phuck wasted lastnight, or I saw a Thai woman pull a live bird,2 turtles,razors,shoot darts and ping pong, all out of her pu**y.”

Thailand’s local district chief explained that the man was arrested as a part of a crackdown on shows with nude dancers. He said, “Authorities found out about this bar the morning after Rihanna tweeted about it, but we were not able to catch them violating the law until Saturday night. We had been waiting for them and finally caught them red-handed.”

The bar owner can face up to a month in prison or a fine of up to 60,000 baht, which equals to $1,900 U.S. dollars.  Maybe she’ll post his bail for him since, unbeknownst to her, she snitched on him.  I’m just saying.

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