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Now this is crazy.  According to the Today Show,

A study on rats may confirm what many people already know: Oreos are addictive. To find this, researchers at Connecticut College put hungry rats in a maze that had rice cakes at one end and Oreos on the other, the rats then were allowed to go where they wanted. Researchers say, “Just like humans, rats don’t seem to get much pleasure out of eating rice cakes.” Researchers then compared those test results to a second test, which rats had the choices of a saline solution injection or a drug injection of cocaine or morphine. Researchers say the critters chose the drug injections about as often as they chose Oeros in the other test. Also, as most people do, the rats are the creamy center of the cookie first. Researchers say this adds to the growing body of research that finds that high fat and high sugar foods stimulate a similar brain response one would have to taking drugs. (Today)


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