Noted hand surgeon Michael Brown has reportedly died after his family removed life support.

As NEWS 92 FM reported earlier, Brown apparently tried to commit suicide before being found incapacitated on his bedroom closet floor.

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A Miami beach police report says police found a suicide note on a nightstand in the master bedroom and more than 16-thousand dollars in the closet where Brown was discovered drunk, and incoherent and on the floor.

Browns girlfriend told police he’d been drinking all day and had been depressed for a couple months.

He was going through a divorce, headed for bankruptcy, and headed to federal prison for a 30-day sentence the next day.

Brown is now on life support.

Miami Beach Police Department’s official police report is below:

Officer Matthews and I were dispatched to 6633 Allison Road in reference an intoxicated male who was found by a witness lying in the master closet not breathing. On arrival rescue #3 was already on the scene providing CPR/medical treatment to Mr. Brown.

After a few minutes Mr. Brown was taken to Mount Sinai hospital for further treatment. Officer Matthews, Officer Chenoweth and I observed in plain view a suicide note left by Mr. Brown located inside the master bedroom on top of one of his nightstands.

Witness 1 has been in an ongoing relationship with Mr. Brown for the last six month. She stated that Mr. Brown has been depressed and has been having suicidal thoughts for the last couple of months.  She stated that Mr. Brown has mentioned in the past that since he is a doctor that he has access to all kinds of prescription pills. She stated that today Mr. Brown verbally expressed his desire of taking his life. She stated that Mr. Brown mentioned having suicidal thoughts because of a divorce process that he is going through, financial problems as he is facing bankruptcy and that he was scheduled to report to the police authorities the next day. Today, she left the house at approximately 5:00 pm.

Witness 2 stated that he observed Mr. Brown consuming alcohol beverages throughout the day. He stated that at approximately 5:30 pm he received a call from witness 1 to check on the well being of Mr. Brown. He stated that a few minutes later he found Mr. Brown laying on the floor of the master closet not breathing and the color of his skin changing.  He immediately called 911 for Miami Beach fire rescue and police.

Witness 3 stated that the last time she observed Mr. Brown at the house was at approximately 5:30 pm before leaving the house to run some errands. She stated she saw Mr. Brown drinking wine and that Mr. Brown was upset due to the divorce process he was going through. The driver of Mr. Brown stated that he arrived at Mr. Brown’s house at approximately 1:00 pm and that Mr. Brown seemed happily intoxicated. Mr. Brown’s attorney was also on the scene and in plain view was a large sum of money totaling $16,539. The money, an iPad. House key and Mr. Brown’s Florida drivers license were impounded for safekeeping.

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