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According to FOX News,

The Federal Communications Commission is considering lifting its ban on making cellphone calls on airplanes. The FCC says it will consider the change because it’s time “to review our outdated and restrictive rules.” Many are not thrilled with the idea, one frequent flier said, “The only way I’d be in favor or this is if the FCC mandated that all those who want to use their cellphones must sit next to families with screaming children.” The fligh attendant union has also come out against the idea, saying that a plane full of talking passengers could lead to arguments and undermind safety. Still, others support the idea, with one lawyer saying it would be “a mixed blessing” to be able to communicate with his office and family. Ultimately, it may be left up to the airlines to decide what to do, and the cellphone industry has already voiced their support of the idea. (Fox)

Of course cell phone companies are all for this…lol

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