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More details and speculation about Robin & Paula’s separation has come out.  According to TMZ,

Sources say that on Friday (February 23rd) Paula told Robin that she wanted to end the marriage. Robin then cancelled his Atlanta concert so that he could fly to Vancouver to try to get her to change her mind.

The two then had a heart-to-heart and they acknowledged that they have been arguing a lot and haven’t been getting along.  After not getting through to her, Robin reluctantly agreed to get a separation, but he — along withe Paula were both very upset. The next day, Robin cancelled his Orlando concert to be with their son Julian Fuego.

Several sources told US Weekly that the split was a long time coming, but Robin’s raunchy performance with Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMA’s was one of the last straws.

One source said, “The Miley Cyrus fiasco was a big test of their relationship. He asked her to help him out as a friend and a wife, and defend him and the performance. He begged her to speak out for him and be there for him. She agreed to be the good wife after he begged and pleaded. Then he asked her to stick with him through awards season, and she agreed. She attended the Grammys with him as a favor.”

Meanwhile, People reported that problems may have started with the couple after they had their son in 2010 and that rumors that Robin was cheating didn’t help.