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This story popped up a few weeks ago and I don’t think Miki’s recent statement is helping to put the fire out. In case you haven’t heard, legendary singer Miki Howard’s 30-year-old son Brandon recently got a DNA test to prove that legendary Michael Jackson  is his father. The test came  back 99.9% accurate that Michael IS the father and instead of Miki denying, she has released this statement:

“I don’t talk about Miki’s personal life…my child is 30-something years old. This is hurtful to our family,” Howard says.

So heres the kicker  she’s not denying and SHE’S NOT TELLING ANYONE WHO HIS FATHER IS!

Listen to the interview here.

In a previous interview Miki spoke very highly of her one time manager Joe Jackson and his family saying when her children were younger the Jackson’s would pick her sons up every weekend with their kids and treated them like they were Jackson’s too.

Maybe its Joes kid?????

So what do you think? Is this much to do about nothing, or is this another juicy Jackson secret coming to the  surface?