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Things are getting really ugly and tense in the Houston family between Bobbi Kristina’s new husband and her aunt and Pat Houston who was also Whitney Houston’s sister in law and long time manager.

Pat Houston just got a restraining order against against Nick Gordon, the husband of Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, over claims she feared for her safety according to TMZ.

Its never a good idea to put your business on social media and that’s exactly what Nick did when he used his Twitter account earlier this month to make threats against Pat and her son by posting pictures of guns and rifles .

On March 16, Gordon tweeted, in an apparent reference to “Nightmare on Elm Street” killer Freddy Krueger, “Pat b***h Gary M I’m Freddy to y’all n****az. F*** you suck my d***.”

The pictures of guns had a caption saying “That’s that AR-10 custom. Lol y’all p***y a** don’t even now what that is.”  “B***h a** n****s.”

Nick has been ordered to stay 200 yards away from Pat, who is also the executor of Whitney’s estate.

I wonder what would Whitney think of all this going on now that shes not here to talk sense into Bobbi or Nick whom she adopted and raised as a son.