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Ellen invited model Tanya Marie Keller – whom we know because she recently went viral after appearing on Target’s retail website with a botched Photoshop job   — and the appearance will crack you up!

Target received tons of negative backlash after featuring a bikini model on their website with a wayward Photoshop job that omitted a square chunk of her thighs/lady parts and elongated her arms to a superhuman length. To poke fun at the snafu, Keller walked out to greet Ellen with freakishly long arms, just like the ones that catapulted her into viral fame. Ellen commented on Keller’s arms, offering her water, of which Keller struggled to pick up the mug to sip.

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I love this snarky reaction to Keller’s photoshop fail. One thing is certain here: Photoshop isn’t going anywhere, no matter how awful the finished product is. Perfection is what we’re spoon-fed, but at least as the consumer, many of us have enough common sense to realize that what we see on screens and in magazines is merely a representation of what’s actually there. It’s what advertisers want us to see. The short interview is a perfectly hilarious reaction to the Photoshopping powers that be who think that people need to consume models in advertisements with unrealistic measurements in order to purchase whatever they’re pushing.

Check out the video above to see Keller’s killer response and spoiler alert–she’s going to wrap her abnormally long arms around Ellen at the end for one of the most awesome hugs you’ll ever see.


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