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baby carlos(HOUSTON) — There’s some good news for the baby boy found in a dumpster in February. It looks like he might have a new family. At the same time, the father has been identified.

Baby Carlos” began life under tough circumstances, but things are looking up for him, according to CPS spokesperson Estella Olguin.

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“Baby Carlos was placed with this family last Thursday, and he’s doing great,” Olguin said.

CPS officials told the court they approved a friend of the mother’s family home study, which is a step towards adopting the baby boy.

Meanwhile, CPS has positively identified the father — a 22-year-old man. There’s no word yet if he’ll face statutory rape charges.

Charges were filed against the 16-year-old mother in connection with leaving Baby Carlos in the dumpster.

“Could have been a different ending, but in Carlos’ case, it looks like he has found his forever home,” Olguin said.

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