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(HOUSTON) — There is a massive surge in children who arrive at America’s southern border without parents, and a local organization is calling for changes in Texas laws to make it easier for them to become citizens.

Houston-based organization Children at Risk held a news conference Thursday to detail the problems.

“We hear projections that it could be as many as 60,000-plus [children] over the next couple of months that will be detained,” Children at Risk CEO Bob Sanborn said.

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They come seeking asylum, and could be taking advantage of an Obama administration policy, which guarantees that all children who arrive without parents and claim they are fleeing abuse will not be deported for at least two years and may be eligible for special status allowing them citizenship.

The asylum policy is reportedly being promoted in newspapers south of the border, but Sanborn denies that is causing the problem.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is asking for $30 million from the federal government to deal with the crisis.

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