Fire Challenge

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(HOUSTON) – You may have seen the viral videos of teens rubbing alcohol on themselves and setting it on fire while they’re in the shower, sometimes going as planned, sometimes going terribly wrong.

That’s what happened to a 14-year-old from Crosby who wound up in the hospital with second degree burns.

See video of the fire challenge and others below…

NEWS 92 FM’s Trey Westerberg reports:

It’s one of several dangerous “challenges” popular among young people.

So why do the kids do it?  Mandy Kimball with Children at Risk says it could have to do with low self esteem.

“This is an opportunity, especially when they put it on social media for other people to see them,” Kimball said. “It is appealing to them for when maybe they’re having a hard time talking to or having relationships with people.”

She says it’s important for parents to teach kids that the danger of such activities goes far beyond just immediate pain.  The consequences could affect your long-term future.

“What it means to the family, it can very easily get out of control,” Kimball said. “Maybe they’re just trying to do a cool trick for themselves, but they accidentally catch their friend on fire.”

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