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This is the first in a five-part series on getting the best price for your next car.

(NEW YORK) — If you’re in the market for a new car — or a newer car — you’re probably in the process of researching prices.

One thing you need to do is to fully research the price of the car you’re looking at.

Specifically, all three prices.

“There’s the MSRP, which is the sticker price, essentially, which is going to be about the most expensive price you’ll probably see,” says MarketWatch reporter Charles Passy.

“Then there is the dealer invoice, which is essentially the dealer’s cost,” says Passy. “And that’s going to be the lowest cost.”

Automakers make no secret about their invoice prices. You can get them on many websites, including, or

The third price?

“The third price is kind of what people are paying for it,” says Passy.

Those websites will also have that information as well.

Check back during the week for the remaining parts of this series.

Mon., Sept. 15: Know All Three Prices

Tues., Sept. 16: The Art Of Negotiation

Wed., Sept. 17: Negotiating Your Trade-In

Thurs., Sept. 18: Timing Is Everything

Fri., Sept. 19: Those Pesky Fees

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