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Film director extraordinaire Antoine Fuqua is teaming up with Denzel Washington again, this time, for the action-filled thriller, The Equalizer. Fuqua who also directed Brooklyn’s Finest, is working with Washington for the second time.

Their first film could certainly be considered a success – Washington won his second Oscar for his portrayal of an amoral cop in Training Day. 

Fuqua, who is married to actress Lela Rochon, says The Equalizer is unlike any film Washington has ever done before. Based loosely on the TV show that ran years back, Fuqua says this is more of an origin story where you see how the character came to be.

On working with Denzel Washington:

“It’s easy work if you get along really well and trust each other. But Denzel will bring the heat, man. Denzel’s a pimp. He’s all about the work. He brings the pressure. It’s easy on one hand because we get along but it’s tough too.”

On how Equalizer compares to Training Day:

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