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Hollywood has been hacked.

Sony Pictures Entertainment computer systems experienced a theft last week, then was followed by a content internet leak over the weekend.

Annie and The Interview are two of the films that have not yet reached theatrical releases, but are currently being downloaded illegally over the internet because of the leak.

There is no confirmation the film leak is due to the Sony computer system hack, but FBI has been called in for an investigation.

There are also speculations North Korea had some kind of involvement with Sony’s security breach, since the country has openly expressed their discontent with the film, The Interview.

It is the, “…most undisguised act of terrorism,” North Korea said of the Sony film in a released statement.

Though, there isn’t any real evidence to prove North Korea is behind the hack, Sony is exploring the possibility of a link between North Korean involvement and the Hollywood hack.

“On Sunday, “Fury,” which is still in theaters, and “Annie,” which is scheduled to premiere Dec. 19, were both on the Top 100 downloaded movies list of the file-sharing site The Pirate Bay,” according to CNN.

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