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Glitch Will Make iPhone Alarms Late Monday (thumbnail)

EPIC FAIL: Man Tries to Smuggle 94 iPhones Into China

I’ve heard of people smuggling many things: weed (narcotics), money, guns even people…but never ever, have I heard of someone trying to smuggle smartphones.

According to the Huffington Post, a man was caught attempting to smuggle 94 iPhones into mainland China, by strapping the devices to his body. Apparently he was “found out” by Customs Police when they noticed his odd body posture.

Not only that, he also set off a loud alarm when he attempted to walk through a metal detector.

How smart (no pun intended) can you be trying to sneak 94 cell phones into CHINA!? Hey, I guess he what smart enough to think it was worth a shot! It seems that in mainland China, the contraband is worth $48,000. Click here to see photos plus read more on this story.

I’m still wondering “what was he thinking!” He does realize we live in a terrorist world, right? I wonder if it crossed his mind what could happen if they thought he was smuggling a bomb.

“It’s a Bomb! No wait, It’s Just An iPhone”


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Also On Majic 102.1:

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