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Just because your honey isn’t giving you flowers and taking you out to dinner tonight doesn’t mean they love you any less.

Valentine’s Day is all about the romance and sweet gestures. Usually it’s just one day a year, but we got it for an entire weekend of love for 2015! Now it’s Monday, so everyone must go about te business of getting back to reality. As you reminisce about all of the lovely things you got to do with your sweetie this weekend, don’t forget that even the most exciting lasting relationships also have a healthy chunk of the mundane in them.

If you’re trying to see if your love can stand the test of time, here are a few everyday things that you and your boo will have to contend with.

Morning Breath

Curling up with your boo as you drift off to sleep is one of the best parts of relationship; that morning breath, though… One good way to cut back on morning yuck mouth is to brush your teeth before you go to bed. It’s good hygiene, and it gets you all prepped for that sweet good night smooch.


Finances are one of the leading causes of breakups whether in dating or marriage. It’s an indicator of one’s ability with responsible decision-making. It doesn’t matter how much you have (or don’t have) as long as you’re making smart choices with your resources. You might want to go off on a tropical vacation, but if you only have enough for a trip to the local beach, you best pack a beach bag with some sunblock and snacks. Staying within your means isn’t always exciting, but, let’s face it, things go a lot more smoothly in a relationship when you aren’t worried about how you’ll pay your bills. Get a handle on your money and where it’s going, so that you can focus on what matters.

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When two people come together, there are bound to be some arguments because not everyone looks at a situation the same way. When you and your significant other can’t seem to see eye-to-eye on an issue, it might be time to compromise. That means each side isn’t getting everything they want, but at least you have reached a satisfactory agreement. Remember: tomorrow is not a promise. Resolve your issues before you go to bed.


No one likes doing dishes, laundry or dusting. However, if you live with your partner, these are things that must be done if you plan to have a home you can be proud of. Besides it’s really hard to set the mood, if you’re worried about where that mystery smell is coming from.


Whether you come into the relationship with kids or you have some together (or other), you are responsible for at least one little life. Granted, this isn’t something all relationships face, but many of them do. Figure out how parenting will work in yours so that you can set a good example of what a healthy and loving partnership looks like for your kids.


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