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12-YR Old TAMIR RICE Killed Himself says City of Cleveland. Although these were not their exact words, this is the sentiment that can be taken from the recent argument from the city.

Back on Nov. 22nd, a young Tamir Rice, a 12 year old African-American boy was reported as playing outside a recreation center with a toy gun when police were called. Moments later,  police officers responded to the scene, and seconds later shot the pre-teen who dies a day later while at the hospital.

Tamir’s death is one of the many high profiled cases that involve a law enforcement and a young African-American male; recent cases which make this this a sensitive subject and which have sparked uproar across the nation, with how African American males are handled, are the cases of Trayvon Martin Micheal Brown and Eric Garner.

In the case of Tamir Rice, the City of Cleveland argues that the death of the boy was caused “by the failure… to exercise due care to avoid injury.” In other words, it was Tamir’s fault that he was shot by police.


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