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Join in the conversation with me Marco Spoon,on my show the other night a couple want to know should a man pick up the tab all the time when their out on a date. So I thought about it, and present the question to my audience and was surprised with some of the comments and the conversation on the air. Whether you’re in a short-term or long-term relationship many people believe it’s the man’s role to pick up the bill because that’s the gentlemanly think to do. When I’m on a date, I always offer first to pick up the tab, what about you what do you think? Here’s some comments from some of my listeners.

Sheilia B, ‘Single people are all in the same boat we are taking care of ourselves and all responsibilities I see nothing wrong with splitting bill or paying tip Tradition is played out

Durbin J, I like the tradition roles of men picking up the tap when eating out, it’s endearing and romantic to me! Cooking together and sharing simple or fabulous meals at each other’s home balances things out.

Sherry Pace, It’s all in how the date go’s because if you are a real gentlemen you would pay.

Derrick D., I feel men should pay 8 out of 10 times. Because that’s just what a gentleman would do. However, if a guy does that, then I’d feel like its very selfish of a woman to see that and not at least offer to pick up the tab at some point.

Stephanie L., In a long term relationship, you have already discussed finances etc., so I believe either should pay based on their mutual understanding. Short term….I think a gentleman would not allow a lady to pay.

Diana N., In a long term relationship I feel both the man and the woman can pay. I don’t feel there are any rules in this situation. You should be working together as one unified unit at this point.

Patrice L.,If I ask you out then I should pay. If he asks then he should pay.

Skip  A., real man always picks up the tab..and opens door…his swagger is off if he doesnt!

By, Marco Spoon

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