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5 Funny, Crazy, Sexy Things People Do in Elevators

Ever seen funny or embarrassing footage on the news, where an unsuspecting character is caught doing something crazy while inside an elevator? Have you ever bust a move in the elevator, thinking “no ones watching?”  For the record, I’ll go ahead and put it out there – People, someone is ALWAYS watching!  Remember the security camera? Here’s 5 funny, crazy or sexy things people do inside of elevators.

  1. Take a Selfie – This is the absolute best time to get a picture in. Think about it, you’re on your way to an event, you’re looking good and no one’s watching you be narcissistic. You can snap as many “redos” and angles you like with no one judging you.
  2. Dance – who hasn’t dropped it like it’s hot or twerked for the heck of it while going from one floor to another? Well, I have J #NoJudgeZone
  3. Practice Karate/Fight Moves –People seriously do this.
  4. Kiss (or other relational activity) – Use your imagination
  5. Fart – silent but deadly ones can be loud and thunderous when no one is around.