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It’s moments like these that restore our faith in humanity. Elvis Summers built a tiny home for 60-year-old homeless woman named Smokie, who’s been on the street for over 10 years. Smokie lost her home after her husband’s death and was never able to get back on her feet.

Summer met Smokie because she’d routinely go through his recycling, collecting from his apartment complex. Summers noticed that Smokie would sleep in the dirt on his block and he wanted to do something for her, so he built her a tiny home!

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Summers heard about a man in Oakland, California who built small houses out of discarded materials and the story inspired him so much, he wanted to try it for Smokie. The supplies cost Summers $500 and he made the small house in front of his own in five days!

The home has wheels so that Smokie can move it and as long as she moves it ever 72 hours, she has permission to live in it, even though there are no permits.

Summers shared a time lapse video on YouTube that’s been viewed almost two million times. Needless to say, Summer and Smokie’s story went viral and people have been requesting that Summers makes them similar houses. He’s since began a Go Fund Me account to make this thing real. Check out the Welcome Home: A Tiny House, Huge Purpose Project to donate. They have already raised $12,959 towards helping homeless people get off the streets and have some sort of dignity.

Summers said it best, “Let’s start being human!”


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